ICEM 2023 Workshop: Data science and new challenges with AI

Workshop Title: ICEM 2023 Workshop: Data science and new challenges with AI
When: Wednesday 28th June 2023 – 16:05-17:45 CEST
Where: Galzignano Terme Spa and Golf Resort, Sala dei Giganti (Hotel Splendid)

Session description:

Artificial intelligence/machine learning has advanced beyond a tool to hone the accuracy of forecasts, and now is capable of generative learning, automated uncertainty quantification, and providing digital twins of Earth systems. How do we see business practices in the energy industry changing in the future as innovative uses of AI proliferate? How will it improve energy integration? How will improve the energy transition? How will humans feel about being replaced by AI? And will it be accepted? What is the role of interpretable AI and is it essential to full acceptance and utilization?

Session leads: Sue Ellen Haupt (NCAR and WEMC) and Georges Kariniotakis (Mines Paris)

Schedule (click to expand, also to download presentations)

16:05-16:10: Introduction

Chair: Sue Ellen Haupt, NCAR and WEMC (slides)

16:10-16:30: AI for power grid development studies

Speaker: Vincent Lefieux, RTE (slides)

16:30-16:50: Innovative AI contributions to renewable energy forecasting

Speaker: Georges Kariniotakis, Mines Paris (slides)

16:50-17:05: Recent developments of machine learning for weather forecasting

Speaker: Stefano Alessandrini, NCAR (slides)

17:05-17:40: Discussion, Q&A

Chairs: Sue Ellen Haupt and Georges Kariniotakis

17:40-17:45: Closing remarks and adjourn

Chair: Sue Ellen Haupt