WEMC are actively monitoring the status of the COVID-19 situation globally and are following governmental guidelines/recommendations concerning travel and public events. We remain very enthusiastic about running the ICEM and therefore hope to identify a safe and secure time as soon as possible to run the next ICEM, to re-ignite this global platform for energy and meteorology expertise.

We will update you on any decisions promptly. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@wemcouncil.org if you have any queries or comments. For further information about WEMC please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Establishing a global platform for energy and meteorology expertise

In 2011, we undertook to launch the first ICEM with the intention of providing a unique platform where meteorologists and energy industry specialists could share the substantial amount of expertise and knowledge that exists across both sectors. The conference format offered an exciting, convivial and productive environment in which to explore opportunities for collaboration.

We were also keen to promote ICEM’s core values of targeted and positive transformation (of the energy system) in the face of climate change and inclusivity – for example, through its broad organising committee, or the awards given to young specialists for best presentation.

Our inaugural conference in Australia’s Gold Coast was a great success attracting over 170 energy and meteorology specialists from 50 countries, proving the need for a collaborative, knowledge-sharing platform that spans both sectors and setting in place a blueprint for future ICEMs in France (2013), the United States (2015), Italy (2017), China (2018) and this year’s conference in Denmark.

With the support of my fellow WEMC collaborators, Laurent Dubus (EDF, France) and Sue Ellen Haupt (NCAR, USA), and many more colleagues and peers from the science and energy communities (too many to name!), we have seen ICEM grow and develop. Today, it is an established global platform for world-leading research organisations, meteorological service providers, energy companies and energy policy experts to come together for active discussion, sharing of expertise, innovation and action on climate and energy issues.

Why climate and weather information is important to the energy industry

Now, as we approach our sixth ICEM, it has never been a more important time to make the most of this opportunity to explore the key issues investigated by scientists to target the needs of the energy industry.

Interest in climate change and its effects on our planet has grown and gathered pace over recent years. Research from the IPCC Special Report and the IPBES Global Assessment Report shows the impact not only on climate, but the wider environment – natural resources, habitats, plant species and wildlife. The call to find more sustainable solutions to how we manage all aspects of life has grown in strength and urgency.

The energy sector plays a fundamental part in this change, as the need to significantly reduce global CO2 emissions and limit global warming focuses attention on the energy transition – from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and cleaner, more sustainable energy systems.

As scientists and energy sector experts, we are in a unique position to help lead this transition using the combined expertise available within the science and energy communities, which now meet regularly at ICEMS.  The world-leading interactions at ICEM greatly help focus minds on what is really critical in the move towards more sustainable and renewable energy systems.

Eight years on, six ICEMs so far and an exciting future ahead!

I am proud of what we have achieved together through this platform over the past eight years. However, as weather-dependent energy systems continue to grow at a dramatic pace, these conversations will become ever more crucial. Denmark knows well how it feels to be at the mercy of weather variations for energy production, being a front runner in energy transformation. That’s why it is exciting for ICEM 2019 to be hosted by this energy visionary and inspiring country.

ICEM 2019 in Copenhagen promises to be our biggest conference yet. I hope you will join us as we look to further expand the boundaries and explore how we can use the latest weather and climate technology to tackle the energy transition head on!

Previous ICEMs


Take a look at the highlighted from our sixth ICEM (ICEM 2019) held on 24-27 June 2019 in Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark.


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Take a look at the highlights from our fifth ICEM held in Shanghai from 22-24 May 2018.

What They Say About ICEM

Dr Maxx Dilley (Director, Climate Prediction and Adaptation, World Meteorological Organization, Switzerland):   “The way ICEM 2015 facilitated the special panel sessions has been exemplary and conducive to important follow up actions. Overall, I particularly enjoyed my interaction with a highly skilled and motivated interdisciplinary community and the warm environment.”
Prof. John Dutton (CEO, the World Climate Service):   “As a climate service provider, I treasure the new contacts and concepts I find the ICEMs.  We have secured a contract and an association with a key international energy company that is very valuable to us.  And we have been able to use ideas from ICEM in our products and sponsored research.”
Ms Claude Nahon (Senior VP for Sustainable Development, EDF Group, France):   “It is a great pleasure to see that we have the third ICEM. That means it is something which is now in the landscape as something people feel is important to have this sort of dialogue and to have a huge discussion on these topics.”
Mr John Zillman (former president World Meteorological Organisation, Australia):   “I thought ICEM 2011 went extremely well and you should be very pleased with it all. It reinforced for me the enormous interdependencies of energy and meteorology.”

Six ICEMs have been held thus far, with preparations underway for the seventh! Please click on the links below to view the presentations for each conference.

  • The sixth ICEM (ICEM 2019) was held 24-27 June 2019 in Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • The fifth ICEM (ICEM 2018) was held 22-24 May 2018 in Shanghai, China.
  • The fourth ICEM (ICEM 2017) was held 27-29 June 2017 in Bari, Italy.
  • The third ICEM (ICEM 2015) was held 22-26 June 2015 in Boulder, USA.
  • The second ICEM (ICEM 2013) was held 25-28 June 2013 in Toulouse, France.
  • The first ICEM (ICEM 2011) was held 8-11 November 2011 in the Gold Coast, Australia.