Thank you for attending ICEM 2019!

ICEM 2019 Presentations

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A huge thank you for joining us at DTU for ICEM2019. Whether you gave a talk, presented a poster, contributed to a workshop or simply came to absorb, network and collaborate, you all contributed to its success. We hope to see you again in 2021!

Share your media

Many of us were taking pictures and video during the conference. We would be delighted for you to upload any media you are able and willing to share to our ICEM2019 media shared Google Drive. If you include your name in the filename, we’ll make sure we credit you if we use anything.

WEMC Membership (and publication of ICEM presentations)

We encourage you to sign up for WEMC membership if you have not done so already. WEMC membership is free and offers you numerous benefits. It also helps us to promote and build interaction between the energy industry and the weather, climate and broader environmental sciences community. Both the ‘Data’ Special Interest Group (SIG), headed by Laurent Dubus and Sue-Ellen Haupt, and ‘Education’ SIG, led by Kit Rackley, were mentioned at ICEM; becoming a WEMC member is the first simple step to joining either of these or our upcoming SIGs.

ICEM 2019 Special Issue Journals
ICEM 2019 delegates have the opportunity to submit papers to two special issue journals to be published in connection with the conference. Find out more