The World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC) was set up to build on the growing knowledge and expertise in weather and climate risk management for the energy industry. Working with our partners and members worldwide, WEMC brings together experts from the energy and climate science communities, to collaborate and share knowledge that can help create more sustainable, resilient and efficient energy systems.


Act on climate change through education

Positive outcome on SECLI-FIRM webinar coinciding with UNESCO World Conference on Education Education is crucial in promoting climate action. It helps the public understand the climate crisis impacts, empowering them with knowledge and encouraging positive behaviour change to reduce carbon footprints and adapt to the global climate crisis. WEMC aims to create a bridge between […]

Tech blog: Flexible and Quick Angular Bug-fixing achieved on the Teal Tool

Since the launch of Teal, our free to use, global, historical, climate data tool, we have been able to successfully fix bugs using common and flexible angular elements and we’re sharing our learnings with the programmer community. Bug-fixing is a skill that every programmer should adopt in the process of learning. There are two simple […]

WEMC is seeking climate enthusiasts from around the world

Since our Teal tool launch in November 2020, we have had enthusiastic engagement with users globally. Teal is a free, easy-to-use, interactive climate data visualisation tool. The World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC) is now calling for climate enthusiasts to help expand our Teal tool community and promote further conversations on benefitting from climate data and historical facts across […]


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