The C3S climate and energy education demonstrator is a project managed by WEMC, as part of the ECMWF Copernicus programme. The principle aim being to build on the existing ECEM demonstrator proof of concept, into a more user friendly context aimed at the education sector.

The project objectives:

  • Visually stimulating in a way which intrinsically draws the attention of teachers and their students, some of the best are even considered to be a ‘work of [digital] art’;
  • Provide up-to-date, accurate and reliable information/data;
  • Are highly interactive, allowing students to self-explore but also allows teachers to provide some level of guidance or instruction of its use, tailored towards desired learning outcomes;
  • Explicitly match the requirements of a syllabus to be taught;
  • Are free to use and easily accessible (or at least seen as exceptional ‘value for money’);
  • Are intuitive, requiring very little if any technical skill or knowledge from the teacher or students;
  • Provide accompanied teaching resources or guides, and/or allows teachers to confidently develop their own;
  • Allow teachers and their students the option to ‘dig deeper’, e.g. allowing the downloading of data, the construction of graphs or printing options to present and supplement work in exercise books.

To get involved or request more information please go to the project website or email:

Prof. Alberto Troccoli: alberto.troccoli  ‘at’