EU H2020 SECLI-FIRM FINAL CONFERENCE 13,14 AND 19 OCTOBER 2021 – using improved climate forecasts to add value in the energy and water sectors

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Weather and climate affect every aspect of our daily lives, business and financial operations. In light of global climate change and increasing unpredictability of seasonal climate patterns and extreme weather events, there is an ever-growing need for more accessible, accurate and reliable information to support a wide range of decision-making processes. This has been the focus of the EU H2020 SECLI-FIRM Project for four years.

The SECLI-FIRM project aims to demonstrate how the use of improved climate forecasts can add practical and economic value to decision-making processes and outcomes in the energy and water sectors.

The project concludes in October 2021 and the final conference, spread across three dates, 13,14 and 19 October, shares the highlights, lessons learned and outlook – as the project looks to the future. It is free to attend.

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SECLI-FIRM Final Conference – Project Showcase and Interactive Workshop

A three-day programme offering opportunities for the scientific and climate services communities, organisations and individuals working in the water and energy sectors, and further afield, to benefit from the four-year story of the EU H2020 SECLI-FIRM project: challenges, results, lessons learnt and outlook.

Day 1, 13 October – 12:00-15:00 UTC

The SECLI-FIRM framework and the science of seasonal forecasts: challenges, results and lessons learnt

Day 2, 14 October – 12:00-15:00 UTC

How climate services have benefitted the energy industry: SECLI-FIRM case study challenges, results and lessons learnt

Day 3, 19 October –12:00-15:15 UTC

How SECLI-FIRM has helped advance climate services together with other EU projects: highlights, lessons learnt and outlook

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