Collaboration Announcement: WEMC Partners with the Coffee and Geography Podcast

WEMC is excited to announce that we have collaborated with the Coffee and Geography podcast, hosted by Kit Rackley of Geogramblings! 

The focus of the podcast is “to get to know, explore and celebrate the diverse & intersectional range of people and their love for the world. We’ll have fun exploring all the myriad of ways that connect your life to #geography.”  

Kit’s work on Coffee and Geography and Geogramblings connects the geography education community with climate and science, making it a great match with WEMCs work and mission. In particular with Teal as a learning tool and the educational projects that WEMC is involved in from our recent training course in Central Asia, upcoming workshop as part of the FOCUS-Africa project and the SECLI-FIRM Summer School, the next edition of which is due this September!  

We’d love for you to listen Kit’s podcast, you can find WEMC’s sponsorship message in all season two episodes, as well as special episodes from season one with Dr Hannah Bloomfield, a Research Scientist at the University of Reading who focuses on energy and meteorology and Sebastin Serl, Engineer and Applied Physicist at the International Renewable Energy Agency 

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