Elena BertoccoHead of Comms, Branding and Design

Elena formally joined the WEMC team in 2015 as the Brand & Design lead, but our partnership began back in 2010 when she successfully designed items for the the first ICEM (International Conference of Energy and Meteorology) in Australia.

In addition to her continued responsibilities for the ICEM’s, she now works to apply the brand identity of WEMC to the design of any infographics, visuals, videos, and to the website. She is also responsible for the branding and designing of materials for the EU H2020 SECLI-FIRM project. And for creating visuals in the project-specific branding for the C3S Climate & Energy Education Demonstrator.

Her aim is to bring structure and clarity to our technical and often scientific information in a creative way.

“Design is not just making something look pretty, it creates solutions and aids in communicating those solutions to people through impactful visuals.”

In the past, Elena studied and worked in the fashion design industry in Italy for over 10 years. She then moved to the UK and graduated from the University of Reading (UK) in 2009 with a BA in the History of Art and Architecture. Following this, she worked at the National Gallery of Australia in the Education department as a guide and creative workshop coordinator (2012 to 2015). She has also traveled and lived across the world in places such as the USA, the UK, and has more recently moved back to Australia.

Elena brings her worldwide experience to the team, and to the look and feel of all WEMC communications.