Teal Temperature Video Tutorial Makes Understanding Climate Data Easier Than Ever

The team at WEMC have been busy working behind the scenes creating a series of video tutorials for Teal tool! To support users and their experience, these short, informative videos make understanding climate data easier than ever. Teal is WEMC’s climate data visualisation tool where users can explore climate variables and carbon emissions from the past 70+ years, and projections up to 2100.

Today we are introducing temperature, the first climate variable video of the series which is a tutorial on using Teal to analyse and download historical and projection temperature data. It shows how you can navigate climate data through temperature variables. The video illustrates this using average annual temperature rise in Japan as an example. The ongoing temperature rise in the country has caused heavy rainfall events and heatwaves, making future projection scenarios important and interesting to analyse.

With Teal, you don’t need to work in the scientific field to understand and access historical climate data, projection and observation data. In a few clicks, online visitors can easily visualise, interpret and download data, as well as graphs, that can be used to inform decisions and support research like never before.

But don’t take our word for it. Ever fans of visualisation, we’re so pleased to be able to share the first in a series of short, simple tutorials which will inform and instruct students, teachers and professionals alike! These clear and concise videos help to improve confidence dealing with climate data and climate variables, and how you can use this information to learn and make decisions around climate change.

Observational and reanalysis data is made accessible and user friendly across multiple variables such as temperature and precipitation. Downloads are available at a click of a mouse in several image and raw formats, so users can create their own graphs and visuals.

Watch the tutorial for yourself here and share your Teal discoveries with us via InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn. We are keen to hear how you use Teal as a resource within your specific sector.

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