Global Energy and Climate Change Experts Convene in Copenhagen for ICEM 2019

Over 200 energy and climate change experts from all over the world convened in Copenhagen recently for the sixth International Conference Energy & Meteorology (ICEM 2019).

Hosted by the World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC) in partnership with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the conference took place at DTU’s campus in Lyngby, Copenhagen from 24 to 27 June 2019.

How weather and climate science can help the transition to renewable energy systems

ICEM 2019’s core theme was ‘Exploiting the latest weather and climate technology to tackle the energy transition’. The conference focused on how advances in meteorological and climate information can help the energy industry develop cleaner and more resilient energy systems, and mitigate the effects of climate change and global warming.

Professor Alberto Troccoli, ICEM 2019 Convener and Managing Director of WEMC, said: “Being a frontrunner in energy transformation, Denmark knows well how it feels to be at the mercy of weather variations for energy production. We were extremely honoured to hold ICEM 2019 in this energy visionary and inspiring country, and in Copenhagen, a city with such a strong reputation for science, sustainability and green living initiatives to help meet the challenges of climate change.

“Recent research, including the IPCC Special Report, and the IPBES Global Assessment Report, has highlighted the impact of climate change on our planet and the urgent need to significantly reduce global CO2 emissions and limit global warming. It’s never been a more important time to focus on how we can help facilitate the move towards more sustainable and renewable energy systems. The work being done at the nexus of weather, climate and energy is critical to helping achieve this. ICEM provides a unique opportunity to explore this in the context of the key issues presented by scientists and the needs of end-users in the energy industry.”

ICEM 2019 – a global platform for world-leading climate and energy industry experts

Now in its sixth year, ICEM 2019 in Copenhagen was one of the biggest yet, with wind power pioneer, Henrik Stiesdal, and Chad Frischmann, New York Times best-selling author and Vice President of Project Drawdown, among the stellar line-up of experts who presented at the event.

The plenary speakers were:

  • Chad Frischmann, Vice President and Research Director, Project Drawdown.
  • Henrik Stiesdal, wind power pioneer and former Chief Technical Officer of Siemens Wind Power.
  • Line Storelvmo-Holmberg, Vice President, Plant & Hybrid Modelling & Analytics at Vestas.
  • Gary Geernaert, Director, Climate and Environmental Sciences Division, US Department of Energy.
  • Yana Popkostova, Founding Director of the European Centre for Energy & Geopolitical Analysis.
  • Alban Joyeau, Senior Adviser, Adequacy and Security of Supply for energy transition in Europe, ENTSO-E.
  • Henrik Madsen, Section Head and Professor in Stochastic Dynamical Systems at DTU.

Over the course of three days, ICEM attendees heard from highly-respected leaders in the energy and climate industries, took part in expert-led workshops and side events, and explored the key issues at the nexus of climate and energy. New for 2019 was ‘WattMeet’ – a micro-presentation and networking session, focusing on the ‘human stories’ and innovations from the climate and energy sectors.

ICEM is the only dedicated event that brings together world-leading research organisations, meteorological service providers, energy companies and energy policy experts under one roof. Over 200 delegates from the global energy and meteorology sectors attended this year’s conference.

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