Dr Wentong Ma

Dr. Wentong Ma, vice general manager in CPIPEC new energy branch, PHD of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Post Doctor of China Meteorological Administration, Project leader of National Science and [...]

Dr Jake Badger

Dr Badger has carried out research and development within numerical wind resource assessment methodologies for over 17 years. One of his management goals is to accelerate developments for the [...]

Ms Rong Zhu

Ms. Rong Zhu serves as a technical advisor of World Energy & Meteorology Council and the vice chairman of the committee on wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics in China Aeromechanics [...]

Dr Jan Dutton

Dr. Jan Dutton’s career spans positions at Weather Ventures, Earth Networks, Storm Exchange, Schneider Electric, and DTN. Dr. Dutton’s career objective is to enable business decision making based [...]

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