Matthias LangeManaging Director and Co-founder, Energy & Meteo Systems

Dr. Matthias is the Managing Director and co-founder of energy & meteo systems, emsys VPP and emsys grid services, was significantly involved in the development of the wind power prediction system, Previento, and its transfer into operational service. To this day, he leads the implementation of numerous customer projects of the Oldenburg energy management and prediction specialist and coordinates national and international research and development projects.

Dr. Matthias Lange studied physics in Oldenburg, Warwick (UK) and Marburg. He attained his doctorate in 2003 from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg on the topic of the uncertainty of wind power predictions. Before co-founding energy & meteo systems in 2004, he was project leader for network integration and wind energy predictions at ForWind, the centre for wind energy research in Oldenburg. In addition, he performed expert site appraisals for wind turbine locations.