Laurent DubusSenior Scientist, RTE; Founder & Non-Executive Director, WEMC

Laurent Dubus is an expert & lead scientist in weather and climate with RTE, the French Transmission System Operator, with a focus on long-term power system evolution and resilience to climate change, and short-term supply-demand balance. 

He has skills and experience in climate system modelling, weather and climate forecasts and power systems management. His activities are dedicated to improving the effective integration of high-quality weather, climate and other environmental information into energy sector policy formulation, planning, risk management and operational activities, to better manage power systems on all time scales. He is involved in different French and international activities and organisations at the nexus between energy and meteorology, including WMO, the Superior Council of Meteorology in France and the ICEM conference seriesBefore joining RTE, he worked for EDF R&D between 2001 and 2019. 

Laurent holds an engineering degree in Marine Environment and a PhD in Physical Oceanography.

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