ICEM 2023 Workshop: Towards climate-resilient energy systems

Workshop Title: ICEM 2023 Workshop: Towards climate-resilient energy systems
When: Tuesday 27th June 2023 – 16:15-18:00 CEST
Where: Galzignano Terme Spa and Golf Resort, Sala dei Giganti (Hotel Splendid)

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Session description:
The public and political awareness of climate risks is growing, spurred by observed climate impacts all around the word and the scientific evidence: the IPCC in its latest report recommends the implementation of the right adaptation measures without any further delay, since mitigation alone is not enough to reduce the risks. Adapting to climate change comes with challenges, including incomplete knowledge of how exactly climate change will manifest, unevenly distributed capacity to adapt, as well as gaps between current levels of adaptation and required ambitions to reduce climate risks as effective adaptation plans require. An effective Adaptation Strategy must have three main objectives: improve scenario knowledge and data; make adaptation more systemic through society and economy; speed up development and rollout of adaptation solutions. Key questions to be addressed during the session are:

  • What approach should be used for calculating the vulnerabilities of assets distributed on the territory?
  • Adaptation approach from business plan to sectoral/intersectoral/national plan: how do companies’ adaptation plans meet with country plans?
  • How to plan adaptation actions to increase resilience of energy assets and systems where there are no scenario data or are very uncertain? What other data/approaches can be used to integrate scenario considerations to make effective decisions?

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Session leads:
Laurent Dubus (RTE & WEMC) and Sue-Ellen Haupt (NCAR & WEMC)

Schedule (click to expand)

16:15-16:20: Introduction

Chair: Laurent Dubus (RTE & WEMC)

16:20-16:30: Enel climate data for business adaptation strategy

Speakers: Laura Di Bernardo and Mario Ciancarini (ENEL)

16:30-16:40: Understanding climate change to support adaptation

Speaker: Giuliana Barbato (CMCC)

16:40-16:50: The role of multidecadal climate variability and climate change in designing future highly renewable power systems

Speaker: Jan Wohland (ETH Zurich)

16:50-17:50: Questions and considerations and discussion

Moderator: Sue-Ellen Haupt (NCAR & WEMC)

17:50-18:00: Closing remarks and adjourn

Moderator: Laurent Dubus (RTE & WEMC)