ICEM 2023 Workshop: Energy and Meteorology Education

Workshop Title: ICEM 2023 Workshop: Energy and Meteorology Education
When: Tuesday 27th June 2023 – 16:15-18:00 CEST
Where: Galzignano Terme Spa and Golf Resort, Sala Petrarca (Hotel Sporting)

Session description:

Do university courses provide sufficient education at the intersection of energy and meteorology? How can professionals in the energy sector stay up-to-date with the newest advances in weather and climate science? How can we communicate this information – and emphasize its importance – to a variety of stakeholders, including the general public?

In this workshop, we will address the challenges and opportunities that are present in energy and meteorology education. We will discuss what is missing from high school and university curricula, and what educational formats (MOOCs, summer schools, MSc programmes, etc.) best suit different stakeholders, including where businesses want to give continuing professional development opportunities.

Effective communication of the meteorology-energy link to the general public is also of the utmost importance. Good communication of predicted generation and demand can help the public adapt and prepare their energy consumption, the energy sector change its generation mix, and help reduce the carbon footprint of the whole energy system. We will discuss how and where this has been done, and how to make the most of social media, apps and other innovative communication channels.

Session leads:
Juan A. Añel (Univ. Vigo), Susana Bayo-Besteiro (Univ. Vigo), Matthew Wright (Univ. Oxford/RMetS)

Schedule (click to expand)

16:15-16:20: Introduction and welcome

Chairs: Juan Añel (Univ Vigo) and Matthew Wright (Univ. Oxford/RMetS)

16:20-16:35: Energy and meteorology education: overview of what is out there at the moment

Moderator: Juan Añel

16:35-17:10: Break into groups to discuss gaps in energy-meteorology education

Groups feed back to the rest of the participants and we summarize the key gaps.

Moderators: Juan Añel and Matthew Wright

17:10-17:35: Overview of communicating energy-meteorology information to the general public

Tips on how to present to the general public.

Moderator: Matthew Wright

17:35-17:55: Break into groups to practice communicating your work to the general public, emphasizing the link between energy and meteorology

Volunteers demonstrate their communication to the rest of the group.

Moderators: Juan Añel and Matthew Wright

17:55-18:00: Closing remarks and adjourn

Chairs: Juan Añel and Matthew Wright