‘Weather and Climate Services for the Energy Industry’ showcases the burgeoning area of applied research at the intersection between weather and climate science and the energy industry.

It illustrates how better communication between science and industry can help both sides. By opening a dialogue, scientists can understand the broader context for their work, and the energy industry is able to keep track of and implement the latest scientific advances for more efficient and sustainable energy systems.

‘Weather & Climate Services for the Energy Industry’ is an approachable introduction to the topic and considers the lessons learned in establishing an ongoing discussion between the energy industry and the meteorological community. The book is a useful guiding resource for research and early career practitioners concerned with the energy industry and the new field of research known as Energy and Meteorology.

With a view to offering postgraduate researchers, early career practitioners in the energy industry and energy associations easy access to meteorological insights, this book is offered as an open access e-book which can be freely downloaded.

The books editor and the Managing Director of the World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC) Prof Alberto Troccoli says: “A key take away from the book is the demonstration of how scientific findings can effectively be transferred to an area of high relevance to society such as energy. This transfer requires the establishment of new communication channels and methods; scientists communicating beyond their communities and the energy industry reaching out to learn about scientific advancements.”

The book also discusses the need for and creation of WEMC, an organisation which seeks to bring together the scientific and energy sectors to create more sustainable, efficient and effective energy infrastructures worldwide.

WEMC should be the first port of call for any energy or meteorology professionals seeking better working relationships with their peers in the other sector.

Follow this link to access this open access book now.

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