WEMC Member Blog: NOAA Supports Commercial Development of Subseasonal Forecasts Applications

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Published: 3rd June 2020

Jan Dutton (CEO Prescient Weather & WEMC Member). Edited by Kit Rackley.

Prescient Weather, the organisation behind the World Climate Service, an industry-leading provider of long-range weather and climate forecasts, has been singled out by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and has been awarded a small business innovation research (SBIR) Phase I grant to study the optimization of forecasts in the subseasonal to seasonal (S2S) time frame.

“We are excited to initiate a newly funded research effort for subseasonal forecast optimization with the goal of enhancing service to business and industry,” says Prescient Weather CEO Dr. Jan Dutton. “As forecasting technology improves at all time scales, subseasonal forecasting is emerging with significant commercial promise. Prescient Weather customers, along with other corporate interests seek forecast information beyond the traditional 10-14 day time range currently available. The SBIR will help us continue to be an innovative commercial provider of superior subseasonal forecast information for three to six weeks in advance.”

Improving subseasonal forecasts recently became a national priority when the U.S. Congress passed the “Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act”. The Prescient Weather SBIR facilitates developing new, more effective and accessible subseasonal forecasting techniques for private sector users. The SBIR work will integrate efforts of the federal inter-agency SubX subseasonal research and forecast project with similar efforts of other nations, based on the best science available and aimed at commercial applications.

“Improvements in this type of forecasting serve all stakeholders ranging from large and varied corporate interests to modest farming entities. We are enthused that NOAA entrusts the continuing work of Prescient Weather with this, our third SBIR grant. As the market leader, we strive to maintain the confidence of our customers and partners as we remain dedicated to incorporating the best science possible into our forecasting technology” Dr. Dutton concluded.

About Prescient Weather Ltd

Prescient Weather Ltd develops innovative climate and weather-based solutions enabling critical decision making by companies impacted by, or profiting from, variations in weather and climate. Its two primary products are the World Climate Service (https://www.worldclimateservice.com), a web-based system enabling professional meteorologists to improve their long-range forecasting process, and CropProphet (https://www.cropprophet.com), a sophisticated crop yield and production forecast system that provides daily web-based updates for customers. For more information contact: Jan Dutton, CEO at jan.dutton@prescientweather.com 💡

Prescient Weather and WEMC are proud to be partners in the pursuit of enhancing and promoting the climate-energy nexus. Find out more about Prescient Weather, their work, and the services they provide at http://www.prescientweather.com/ 

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