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When: Wednesday 26th June, 11:15 – 13:00

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Workshop Title: C3S Energy Stakeholder Workshop 🌡
Where: DTU Lyngby Meeting Centre, Building 101, Conference Room M1

Session description:
Seasonal predictions and long-term projections of climate, along with uncertainty estimates, are now made possible thanks to remarkable progress in climate science. The accurate use of climate information is key to the energy sector as it needs to tackle issues related to climate variability and change for a robust planning of growing renewable energy, more diverse energy markets and management of changing climate risks. The workshop will evidence how C3S Energy operational service can benefit research, energy planning decisions and policy.

Session lead:
Alberto Troccoli
Founder & Managing Director, WEMC

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Workshop Title: Data Exchanges, Access and Standards
Where: DTU Lyngby Meeting Centre, Building 101, Room S1

Session description:
Over the last 5-10 years there has been a significant increase in renewable energy capacity that has led to a change in a different kind of weather intelligence by the Energy Industry to balance the energy in the short term. Nowcasting information has become an essential ingredient. Over a similar time period there has been an explosion of nowcasting data available to weather service providers, some from more conventional routes such as satellites and radar and some from more unconventional sources such as mobile phones, vehicles etc. In order to work together for both the Energy and Meteorology sectors there is now a bigger challenge to handle new data types and handle these to deliver the services that are needed now and in the future. The purpose for this session, in cooperation with the Royal Meteorological Society, is to understand the requirement and explore how that can be achieved, focusing on the data aspects (collection, access, sharing, formats etc), which will be one of the main focuses of WEMC’s Special Interest Group on Data Exchanges, Access and Standards. An outcome of the session is to establish recommendations for the benefit of both sectors.

Session lead:
Sue Ellen Haupt
Co-Founder & Director, WEMC & Senior Researcher, NCAR

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Conference Pathway key:
🌍 Africa Pathway
Climate Change: Resilience & Adaptation Pathway
🌡 Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Pathway
💡 International Energy Agency (IEA) Tasks Pathway

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