Slides are available for the majority of ICEM 2011 oral presentations. To access these presentations please follow the link provided below. If there isn’t a link provided then unfortunately we are unable to share the slides from this presentation.

Day 1 – MONDAY 7th November 2011

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09:30Meteorological information for the energy sectorIan MuirheadLink
09:45Satellite solar resource data available from the Bureau of MeteorologyIan GrantLink
10:30Current status and challenges in wind energy assessment Sven-Erik GryningLink
11:45Wind and Solar Power ForecastingSue Ellen HauptLink
13:45Energy planning in the context of climate change: How to be prepared for the future energy systemRoberto SchaefferLink
14:45Weather & climate for the power sector: needs, recent developments and challenges
Laurent DubusLink
16:00Regional Climate Modelling for the Energy Industry J. KatzfeyLink

Day 2 – Tuesday 8th November 2011

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09:30Welcome to the International Conference Energy & Meterology 2011Alberto TroccoliLink
09:45Climate Change Policy and the Energy Sector Sabho BanerjeeLink
10:10Energy & Meteorology Some comments as an energy engineer! Beverley RonaldsLink
11:00Meteorology and the Energy SectorNeil PlummerLink
11:45Weather and Climate Information Delivery within National and International Frameworks John ZillmanLink
16:00IPCC Special Report on
Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation
Ralph SimsLink
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
13:30Parameterization of global solar radiation at the Earth surface and its validation using ARM observationsZhian SunLink
13:45A survey on different radiative and cloud schemes for the solar radiation modelingD. RonzioLink
14:00Surface Solar Radiation Forecasts from Numerical Weather Prediction Models Laurie RikusLink
14:15Forecast assessment of surface solar radiation components over Australia Alberto TroccoliLink
14:30Moving On from the European Wind Atlas Methodology
Keith AyotteLink
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
13:45Using Probability to Obtain the Best Possible Forecast Brian PetersLink
14:00Projected Changes in Climate and its Extremes: South Pacific IslandsJack KatzfeyLink
14:30In Search of the Perfect ForecastPascal MailierLink
TimeTitle AuthorView Slides
13:30Community Acceptance of Australian Wind FarmsNina HallLink
13:45Weather Intelligence for Renewable Energy, “WIRE” COST Action - ES1002 Anna Maria SemprevivaLink
14:00Solar and Coincident Weather Data for Large Scale Solar Deployment Trevor LeeLink
14:15Melbourne University Renewable Integration Lab (MUREIL) Roger DargavilleLink
14:30The adequacy of intermittent renewable generation to supply electric power systems in AsiaGeoff JamesLink
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
13:30Assessment of Wind Power Potential in Mainland of ChinaZhu RongLink
13:45The importance of wind resource assessment for analysis of Climate Change impactsJiang YLink
14:00Numerical Simulation Study on Development Potential of Wind Energy Resource in China OffshoreZhou RongweiLink
14:15Evaluation method for offshore wind energy resources using scatterometer and weibull parametersKatsutoshi KozaiLink
14:30Rapid Assessment of Wind Site Potential Combining Mesoscale Modelling and Remote Sensing Observations

Cameron PotterLink
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
13:30Supporting Renewable Energy Through Universal Energy Services James ForbesLink
13:45Managing Financial Risks for Large Scale Solar Power Stations - Hedging with Solar Derivatives Talia GazarianLink
14:00Minimum Climatic Variable Requirements For Future Weather Preparation In Residential Building Heating And Cooling Energy Projections Dong ChenLink
14:15A pilot study to reduce the energy consumption of existing, residential buildings in 2050 with forecasts for peak oil and climate change John Shiel Link
14:30Supporting the burgeoning Australian energy sector through reliable climate information Ian MuirheadLink

Day 3 – Wednesday 9th November 2011

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09:00The Vulnerability of Energy Generation to Present Weather and Future Climate: The Case of Renewables and Biofuels Production in Brazil Roberto SchaefferLink
09:45Integration of renewable energy into existing energy infrastructure V. KishoreLink
15:30Application of climate science to adaptation to the energy industry Shanti Majithia Link
16:15Vulnerability of and adaptation in energy systems to climate change and extreme weather events
Ferenc TothLink
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:00Quantifying Uncertainty in Wind Power ForecastsSue Ellen HauptLink
11:!5Spatial and Temporal Variability in the UK Wind Resource: Scales, Controlling Factors and Implications for Wind Power Output
Steve DorlingLink
11:30UK/European power supply, power demand and low-frequency atmospheric variabilityDavid BrayshawLink
11:45Use of Kalman filters for surface wind forecasts adjustment and energy resource assessment Federico CassolaLink
12:00High Frequency Velocity Measurement Upstream of a 25 kW Vertical River Kinetic Turbine Amir Hossein Birjandi Link
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:00Queensland and Victoria Solar Atlas
Chris BlanksbyLink
11:15EnerGEO – Earth Observation for monitoring and assessment of the environmental impact of energy M. Schroedter-HomscheidtLink
11:30Uncertainty assessment of satellite solar data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Ian GrantLink
11:45Solar Radiation Monitoring for Energy Resource Assessment Clive Lee Link
12:00Horizontal Visibility Influence on the Brazilian Solar Energy Assessment: Surface and Model Data ComparisonsFernando Ramos Martins Link
12:15Wind resource modelling at 100 m horizontal resolution using a multiply nested limited area version of the Met Office Unified Model. Stuart Webster Link
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:00A Methodology to Improve Renewable Electrical Generation Day-Ahead Schedule Combining Resource Forecasting and Energy Storage IntegrationF. Cassola Link
11:15Enhancing short-term wind energy forecasting for improved utility operations: The Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP)James WilczakLink
11:30Forecasting large rapid changes in wind power: a power system security decision-support tool Nicholas CutlerLink
11:45Time Series & Spatial Correlations of Wind Power over Europe for the Development of Offshore Power Generation Scenarios
Detlev Heinemann Link
12:00Improving Forecasts for the Wind Energy SectorMerlinde KayLink
12:15Predicting wind power variability from meteorological data Nick EllisLink
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:00Electricity Generation Investment Challenges under Carbon Policy Uncertainty ChattopadhyayLink
11:15Climate Data for Building Optimisation and Energy Management
Trevor LeeLink
11:30Comparison of different approaches to estimate temperature sensitive part of electricity consumption Özlem Özkizilkaya
11:45Potential role of renewable energy in water desalination in Australia Don Gunasekera Link
12:00Projection of Peak Electricity Demand on the Gold Coast, Australia Chi-hsiang Wang Link
12:15Adaptation of Peak Electricity Demand to Climate Change on the Gold Coast, Australia G. GrozevLink

Day 4 – Thursday 10th November 2011

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09:00Emerging Meteorological Requirements to Support High Penetrations of Variable Renewable Energy Sources
David Renne
09:45Unlocking the potential of renewable energy with storage Peter Coppin
The electrical grid and the environment
G. Pirovano
14:00Energy Forecasting for Wind and Solar in the National Electricity Market (NEM)Tim George
15:15Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan - Transforming Australia from a 19th century fossil fuel based economy to a 21st century 100% renewable powered cleantech economy
16:00Weather Means Business Peter Cowling
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:00Challenges in wind modelling for modern wind turbines Sven-Erik GryningLink
11:15Comparison of offshore wind speed profiles simulated by six PBL schemes in the WRF modelSusumu Shimada Link
11:30Assessing the performance of small wind turbines in urban areasDaniel Drew Link
11:45Characteristics of the sea breeze at the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast based on sodar and eddy correlation measurements E. Batchvarova Link
12:00Attributing causes to trends in near surface wind speed over Australia Annette Hirsch Link
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:00Climatic Constraints on Growing Microalgae for Energy Purposes David Batten Link
11:15The Dependence of Energy Sector Vulnerability Studies on Climate Scenarios Roberto Schaeffer Link
11:30Assessment of the wind power potential in hydroelectric reservoirs Fernando MartinsLink
11:45Development and field-testing of stackable small-sized vertical axis wind turbines for energy generation in IP communities in Southern Mindanao, The Philippines Randell EspinaLink
12:00Economical and Environmental Effects of Tidal Stream Power plant Using near to Queshm Island in South of Iran Amir TabriziLink
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:00Short-term prediction of solar photovoltaic PowerDetlev HeinemannLink
11:15Solar spectral irradiance derived from satellite data: a tool to improve thin film PV performance? Detlev HeinemannLink
11:30Prediction accuracy of shortwave radiation of the Japan Meteorological Agency meso-scale model in the Kanto region, Japan
Hideaki OhtakeLink
11:45Analysing power system impacts using solar radiation data for Australia B. EllistonLink
12:00Impacts of Electricity Markets on Solar Revenues Joel Gilmore Link
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:00Improvement of meteorological and hydrological probabilistic monthly forecasts over France with an Analogue MethodLaurent DubusLink
11:15A new model for forecasting hourly solar radiation
Jing HuangLink
11:30The Wave Energy Resource Along Australia’s Southern Margin Mark Hemer Link
11:45Seasonal inflow forecasts
in a renewable energy company,
New Zealand
Jennifer Purdie Link
12:00Investigating the effects of Climate Change on Hydropower in Northeastern Canada Jonas Roberts Link

Day 5 – Friday 11th November 2011

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09:00Bioenergy, Weather and Climate Change in Africa: Issues and Policy Options Mersie Ejigu Link
09:45Climate Risk Management in the Electricity Sector: Lessons for the developing countries from early adoptersPierre AudinetLink
13:30Weather insurance and its application in the energy sectorMartinLink
14:15Wind Energy Forecasting: What’s it Worth? Keith Parks Link
15:003 Reasons for a New Era of EnergyWonhasLink

TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:00Observed and Simulated Interactions between Anthropogenic Energy Consumption and Urban Climate in Asian Megacities Yukihiro Kikegawa Link
11:30Estimation of Horizontal Global Solar Radiation in Three Geographical Regions in Ghana using Different Models from Sunshine DurationDavid AdukpoLink
11:45Victorian wave energy resource measurement John Edgoose Link
12:15Evolution of Solar Power Policies in India Richa Lohia Verma Link

TimeTitle AuthorView Slides
11:00Estimating Photovoltaic Array Performance using Solar Radiation Observations from the Oklahoma MesonetNicholas EngererLink
11:15Offshore Wind Resource Assessment in the Central Mediterranean AreaAnna Maria SemprevivaLink
11:30Large-eddy simulation (LES) for the study of flow conditions and turbulent loads in offshore wind farms
Detlev HeinemannLink
11:45The Impacts of Climate Change in the Brazilian Wind ResourceFernando Ramos MartinsLink
12:00Neural Networks and the Virtual Power Station Adam BerryLink
12:15Wind Energy Assessment and Utilization in Kenya Christopher Oludhe Link
TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
11:0021st Century Lighting Detection in AustraliaKen TicehurstLink
11:15A Climate Change Risk Assessment for the UK Electricity Networks Stuart Webster Link
11:30Ensuring effective adaptation to the impacts of climate change in the electricity supply industry – a consideration of policy Greg PickerLinkLink
11:45Network congestion and wind generationJoel GilmoreLink
12:00Climatic Change Impacts on Electric System over Italian RegioD. Ronzio Link
12:15Climate Change: Identification and quantification of vulnerability of power plants due to low water periods ScholtenLink

TimeTitleAuthorView Slides
09:00Weather and Climate for the Energy Industry Mark TwidellLink
09:05AWEFS Solar Extension Introduction Peter Coppin Link
09:25Forecasting and Characterising Grid Connected Solar Energy and Developing Synergies with Wind Merlinde KayLink
09:30A new model for forecasting hourly solar radiation
Huang JingLink
09:35ASI Solar Energy Forecasting Workshop John HowarthLink
10:00Solar Resource Mapping Program Graham HammondLink
10:10Update on Australian Solar Institute activities, including U.S - Australia Solar Energy Collaboration Olivia Coldrey Link
10:20Characterising the Effect of High Penetration Solar Intermittency on Australian Electricity NetworksSaad SayeefLink