WEMC Organisation Membership is free and offers a great opportunity for organisations and their employees to interact with like-minded industry across the field of climate and energy. This month we warmly welcome the French Transmission System Operator, RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Electricité).

RTE employs around 8500 staff and is in charge of the operation, the maintenance and the development of the high and very high voltage grid in France, and also of managing the interconnection lines with other European countries. With 100,000 km of lines between 63,000 and 400,000 volts and 45 cross-border lines, the network operated by RTE is the biggest in Europe.

The R&D climate team at RTE has already collaborated with WEMC on European climate services spurring the organisation to identify WEMC as an excellent partner to help further develop their climate related activities, and also raise awareness in the climate community about their needs, and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) needs in general.

Laurent Dubus, Senior Scientist at RTE, expands on the opportunity WEMC Organisation Membership provides:

“WEMC plays a critical role at the interface between the weather and climate community on the one side and the energy sector on the other side.

“We believe WEMC offers excellent opportunities to build efficient partnerships and reach the critical mass of knowledge, and resources to tackle climate related issues and support the energy transition.”

The value WEMC places on training and the sharing of knowledge across professional sectors and to the general public is also recognised by RTE. These are exemplified by the International Conference Energy & Meteorology (ICEM), and WEMC’s  development of accessible easy-to-use online educational tools, such as the newly launched Teal tool.

RTE also promotes open source and open data access, which WEMC is contributing to, in particular through its major contributions to EU research programs and Copernicus Climate Change Services developments.

WEMC Organisation Membership is free and enables easy dissemination of WEMC community updates and information to all RTE employees. There’s also an exclusive opportunity to help steer our future activities by joining the WEMC Advisory Board.

It is exciting time to join together at the nexus of energy and climate for both parties and look forward to a future of closer collaboration between our two organisations.

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