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DTU Lyngby Oticon Hall – 24 June 18:30


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An exciting new addition to the ICEM2019 format will be a networking and presentation reception event called ‘WattMeet’ on Monday 24th June 2019 at DTU Lyngby’s Oticon Hall.

To find out about why you should attend and think about contributing as a presenter (using the proposal form at the bottom of this page), explore the FAQ below.

'WattMeet' sponsored by EDF: What is it?

The name ‘WattMeet’ comes from a combination of the terms ‘Watt’ (to represent the nexus of climate and energy, as it is the unit of measurement common to both), and ‘Meet’ (to signify the gathering of like-minded people to share ideas).

The core theme of ICEM 2019 will be ‘Exploiting the latest weather and climate technology to tackle the energy transition‘. In ‘WattMeet’, we invite conference delegates, faculty and students from DTU and other academic establishments, and interested members of the public to hear the ‘human stories’ and innovations behind the work that goes on in the climate and energy sectors.

The concept of ‘WattMeet’ is protected by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

How does 'WattMeet' work? What is the format?

After a brief introduction, ‘WattMeet’ will consist of up to ten ‘micro-presentations’ presented by pre-selected speakers. They will be delivered in a random order in rapid succession and will each last no-more than 5 minutes long.

At any time during the event, attendees are encouraged to courteously network and discuss the presentations they are watching. Presenters are encouraged to make themselves available for informal chats. Time will be given after the last presentation for all attendees to mingle, socialise and discuss. In total, the event usually lasts no more than an hour and a half, but are known to go on a little longer due to the enjoyment and energy that the event generates.

What talks and presentations will be given at 'WattMeet'? What is the criteria for proposing one?

There are a limited number of presentation slots available, so we are looking for proposals which show clear enthusiasm and dynamism. Here are some ideas of the kind of topics ‘WattMeet’ would showcase:

  • Perhaps you or your team went to extra-ordinary lengths to conduct a piece of research or develop a piece of technology?
  • Did someone or something inspire you to take the career path or line of research that you undertook?
  • Would you like to celebrate an unsung hero or two by giving some public recognition for their efforts?
  • Is the work you and your colleagues are undertaking have a ‘wow’ factor that you would like to share?
  • Do you have a success (or failure) story to tell which help others with their endeavours in the climate & energy sectors?
  • Do you have some unique insight to share, which may help colleagues to think a little bit ‘outside the box’?
  • Are you a musician or creative writer in your spare time, and would like to tell us about you work as a song or a lyric?

If would like to participate in ‘WattMeet’ as a presenter, please submit your proposal below using the web-form.

How did WEMC come up with the concept of 'WattMeet'?

This method of collaboration, networking and presentation is far from new. More and more large-scale events are engaging in similar formats using concepts such as quick-fire micro-presentations and ‘speed-dating’ style discussions. The inspiration for ‘WattMett’ mostly comes from ‘TeachMeet’. Kit Rackley, WEMC’s Education & Program Officer, attended and contributed to a number of ‘TeachMeet’ events in their teaching career and believes it can be an exciting and productive way to bridge the gap between the disseminating the research taking place in academia and industry and communicating the human effort and dedication that is necessary for it to be effective. If you are interested in finding out more about the inspirations for ‘WattMeet’, feel free to explore the following links:

Attendees gathering ahead of the 2018 GA Conference TeachMeet, at Sheffield Hallam University

The concept of ‘TeachMeet’ is protected by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). This means that ‘WattMeet’ or any similar derivative should also be protected as such. Anyone is free to run their own ‘WattMeet’, ‘TeachMeet’ or similar versions so long as the conditions set in CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 are met.

Creative Commons Licence

When will 'WattMeet' take place? Is it for ICEM2019 delegates only?

‘WattMeet’ is scheduled 6:30pm-8:00pm (Copenhagen time), Monday 24th June at DTU Lyngby’s Oticon Hall.

‘WattMeet’ is open to anyone with an interest and background in the fields of meteorology and energy. While full ICEM2019 delegates are invited as part of their registration package, we welcome anyone who is interested including members of the public, staff and students from the region’s academic establishments, and those employed directly or indirectly in the climate and energy sectors. Indeed this is a fantastic opportunity for a wonderful mix of people from different backgrounds to interact and hear each other’s stories.

Is there a cost to attend 'WattMeet'?

Thanks to generous sponsorship by EDF Energy, WattMeet is free! However, there are different ways to register depending on your status:

  • ICEM2019 delegates who have registered for the full 3-days of the conference*: pre-registered for WattMeet – no further registration is necessary
  • Those attending the ICEM2019 pre-conference seminar plus registered for conference Tuesday only: pre-registered for WattMeet – no further registration is necessary
  • All other attendees without either of the above status: free registration is required through Eventbrite

There is no fee for anyone to submit a proposal to give a presentation.

Will there be refreshments?

ICEM delegates who are attending the preceding conference welcome reception will be served a complimentary refreshments which can be taken into WattMeet. We hope to have some soft drinks available for all attendees, however we would recommend taking advantage of the culinary offerings available at DTU near the venue.


  • Daniel Lassahn
    Daniel Lassahn Chief Energymeteorologist at Meteocontrol
  • Dave Renne
    Dave Renne President at International Solar Energy Society ISES
  • Dr John Dutton
    Dr John Dutton Chairman at ClimBiz Ltd
  • Eadaoin Doddy
    Eadaoin Doddy PhD Researcher at University College Dublin
  • Jared Lee
    Jared Lee Project Scientist at NCAR
  • Joana Mendes
    Joana Mendes Renewables Scientist at the Met Office
  • Kasper Thejll-Karstensen
    Kasper Thejll-Karstensen CEO & Co-founder at FORESIGHT Climate & Energy
  • Kit Rackley Education & Program Officer
  • Laurent Dubus Founder & Services Director, WEMC
  • Ludovic Blunat
    Ludovic Blunat Student at DTU & WESA Member
  • Sophie Martinoni-Lapierre
    Sophie Martinoni-Lapierre Head of Weather Support & Consultancy Department at Météo France

Ludovic Blunat (DTU/WESA): “Building a Wind Energy Student Community”

Eadaoin Doddy (University College Dublin): “Forecasting Matters”

Laurent Dubus (EDF R&D): “Collaboration and interdisciplinary: why it is essential in Energy & Meteorology”

John Dutton (Prescient Weather): “60 Years of Climate Science — How I Became a Climate Services Provider”

Daniel Lassahn (Meteocontrol): “Storm-chasing!”

Jared Lee (NCAR): “Religion and Renewables: How My Faith and Research Enrich Each Other”

Sophie Martinoni-Lapierre (Météo France): “What’s wrong with your normals?”

Joana Mendes (Met Office): “Uncertainty: What do you know for sure?”

Kit Rackley (WEMC/GeogRamblings): “From the Outside Looking In: Perceptions of Climate and Energy from the Masses”

Dave Renné (International Solar Energy Society – ISES): “The early days of wind turbine testing in the U.S.”

Kasper Thejll-Karstensen (FORESIGHT Climate & Energy): “The energy transition and journalism: how and why FORESIGHT Climate & Energy was established”

Submit a proposal for 'WattMeet'
This form is for completion by those wishing to participate as presenters.
If you are/will be an ICEM2019 delegate, please use the same email address you use to register
No more than 100 words. The 'WattMeet' is intended to provide a relaxed platform to showcase the 'human story' and innovation behind the important work of climate and energy science and industry. Presentations are only 5 minutes long, which best suit enthusiastic, visual and dynamic delivery.
No more than 60 words.

The information submitted using this form will only be used for the organisation of ICEM 2019 and ‘WattMeet’. You can read WEMC’s privacy policy here.

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