ICEM 2019 Workshop: Energy and Meteorology Education

Workshop Title: ICEM 2019 Workshop: Energy and Meteorology Education
When: Tuesday 25th June 16:15-18:00 CEST
Where: DTU Lyngby Meeting Centre, Building 101, Room S12

Session description:
The purpose of the workshop is discuss activities of WEMC’s Special Interest Group on Energy and Meteorology Education. Click here to find out more about the SIG.

Session lead:
Kit Rackley
Education & Program Officer, WEMC

Schedule (click to expand):

16:15-16:30: Introduction

Re-launched in May 2019, WEMC’s Education SIG aims to identify programs in research, industry and entrepreneurship that address knowledge and skill gaps in Energy & Meteorology education. The SIG also aims to include school pupils and students in their vision, ensuring that young people have robust knowledge, understanding and skills that enable them to push the Energy & Meteorology nexus agenda further as they become the next stewards of our planet.

This introduction will inform you of the aims and goals of the Education SIG, and relay the outcomes of May 2019’s “Introduction and Q&A” web conference.

16:30-17:20 - Project Drawdown: A core resource for a global syllabus?

An ambitious but key aim of the Education SIG is to draw up a ‘global syllabus’ for the teaching and learning of energy and meteorology education in formal education. Finding a well-know, reliable and reliant central resource for a syllabus around which to ‘coalesce’ will be vital for success.

Linking to Chad Frischmann’s plenary talk – Project Drawdown has proven to be thought-provoking, popular and relatable across the globle, with clear links to climate and energy. This part of the workshop will be used to discuss the potential for using Project Drawdown as the basis for a ‘global syllabus’.

17:20-17:50: The development of a new educational tool using the C3S Data Service

WEMC will be leading the development of a new web-based interactive tool to explore climate and energy data, based on the ECEM Demonstrator. This part of the workshop will show the latest concepts and development of a demo case and invite participants to give valuable feedback and suggestions.

17:50-18:00: Closing remarks and adjourn

Want to know more about the Education SIG? Watch the recording of the SIG’s information and Q&A webcast, which was broadcast on Thursday 30th May.

WEMC Education SIG Introduction / Q&A Web Cast
30th May 2019 15:00 BST (UTC+1)
Skip to:
00:00 Intro & Agenda
01:25 About WEMC and its SIGs
05:45 Attendee intros
11:25 Commitments & expectations
17:00 Reassurance for teachers
19:10 SIG aims & aspirations
24:35 Developing educational tools
31:35 Global syllabus aim
46:40 Next steps & signing up
49:35 Q&A / Comments