ICEM 2019 Workshop: Research Roadmap for Wind Conditions and Climatic Effects

Workshop Title: ICEM 2019 Workshop: Research roadmap for wind conditions and climatic effects (in cooperation with EERA JP WIND)
When: Tuesday 25th June 16:15-18:00 CEST
Where: DTU Lyngby Meeting Centre, Building 101, Room S1

Session description:
In this workshop, important milestone for medium and long term goals for wind energy meteorology will be presented and discussed. Ideally the participants will be a mixture of energy sector and meteorologists, who together can present challenges and potential approaches to solve them. The workshop will be supported by content developed by EERA JP Wind in the first part of 2019, in collaboration with IEA. The object is to further develop the research roadmap during the session, as well as disseminate it to the ICEM participants.

Participants may be interested in reading this document describing outcomes of the initial research roadmap workshop.

Further you are invited to participate in a survey related to setting priorities of the research roadmap. The survey takes between 15 and 30 minutes to fill out.

Session lead:
Jake Badger
DTU Wind Energy, Sub-programme coordinator EERA JP Wind

Schedule (click to expand):

16:15-16:25: Introduction (Jake Badger)

Jake Badger will briefly describing the activities European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Joint Programme (JP Wind website:, particularly with respect to development of research strategies. In addition, the process through which the presented research road map was developed will be described, and the format of the workshop will be outlined.

16:25-16:40: Presentation of the Research Road Map (Jake Badger)

Jake badger will present the research road map, outlining the challenges and solutions, identified so far with examples from current projects, including the New European Wind Atlas. For example, surface characterization and uncertainty quantification of siting parameters are a couple of several challenges that need to be addressed. And data-driven modelling and atmosphere-ocean coupling are identifies amongst several solutions.

16:40-17:30: Invited Contributions

The following participants have been invited to give their view on the greatest challenges and possible solutions through research within wind conditions and climatic effects.

  • John Zack, MESO, Inc.
  • Cristina Archer, University of Delaware
  • Daniel Drew, University of Reading
  • Helmut Frank, German Weather Service
  • Alasdair Skea, UK Met Office
  • Eric Tromeur, Meteodyn
17:30-17:55: Audience feedback

Through a facilitator, the audience will be invited to give feedback, give an indication of priorities and identify any missing topics, challenges and solutions.

17:55-18:00: Closing remarks and adjourn (Jake Badger)

Jake Badger will sum up the discussions and describe the next steps. And thank the contributors and audience for their engagement in the workshop.