Two concurrent pre-conference seminars will run on Monday, 22 June from 9.00 – 17.00 hours. Following the pre-conference seminars the conference Ice Breaker Function will be held from 18:00. 

1) Meteorology Update for Energy Practitioners

The seminar Meteorology Update for Energy Practitioners focuses on the state-of-the-art in weather and climate modelling and forecasts at different timescales. The six lectures composing the seminar will be sub-divided as follows:

  1. Short weather forecasts (e.g. radar met, high-res regional modelling)
  2. Medium range weather forecasts
  3. Monthly forecasts
  4. Seasonal forecasts
  5. Decadal predictions
  6. Climate change scenarios

Opportunities for discussion, including a concluding Q&A session, will be key components of the seminar. This seminar is targeted at energy sector stakeholders with a broad understanding meteorological phenomena and modelling who wish to update and expand their knowledge. They will be delivered by world-class experts in the field.

2) Energy for Meteorologists

The energy sector is meteorology dependant. Both day-to-day weather and longer term climate variability have impacts on supply, demand, transport and distribution and energy markets. Despite the energy sector being one of the most advanced users of weather and climate information, its rapid evolution constantly creates new needs, which require a new paradigm for a more effective collaboration between meteorologists and energy sector users. Scientific progress on its own is indeed not sufficient to increase the value of weather forecasts. Improving decision making processes, and hence the value of meteorology, demands improving communication and mutual understanding between energy and meteorology people.

In the last decade, a burgeoning number of sessions in Energy & Meteorology at various conferences (e.g. AMS, EMS, European Wind Energy Conference) started the process from the meteorology side to the energy side. The series of International Conferences Energy & Meteorology want to go one step beyond and open a bidirectional stream of communication. The goal of this seminar is then:

  • to provide meteorologists with an overview of the energy sector/business
  • to create awareness about the importance of weather & climate for the energy sector
  • to help foster a dialog between both communities and point at major challenges which should be addressed in a co-design approach in the coming years

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