ICEM 2023 Workshop: Weather and climate services

Workshop Title: ICEM 2023 Workshop: Weather and climate services
When: Tuesday 27th June 2023 – 16:15-18:00 CEST
Where: Galzignano Terme Spa and Golf Resort, Sala degli Scrovegni (Hotel Majestic)

Session description:

A practical workshop using weather and climate data to support decision-making in the energy sector. The convenors and panelists will provide an introduction climate services, including examples of four different products. There will then be a live demonstration of how to use energy-relevant data from various sources that will be demonstrated using a python notebook (participants can optionally follow along on a laptop, and the demonstration will be available for future use after the workshop). This will be followed by interactive panel discussion of important climate services topics, including those that arose during the demonstration.

Through interactive demonstration and discussion, the aim is to create awareness of climate services and educate participants about them. This will include demonstrating some potential uses of these services, showing how different stakeholders can benefit, highlighting potential limitations and addressing misconceptions that users may have.  The session will close with a discussion of the “next generation” of climate services.

Session leads: James Fallon (Univ. Reading), Jake Badger (DTU), Justin Sharp (Sharply Focused)

Schedule (click to expand)

16:15-16:20: Introduction

Speakers: Jake Badger, James Fallon, Justin Sharp

16:20-16:40: Overview of Live Climate Services

Speakers: Jake Badger, Hiba Omrani, Falguni Patadia, Frank Kaspar, and Gabriel Perez

16:40-17:20: Interactive session demonstrating use of climate services using Jupyter Notebooks

Moderator: James Fallon

17:20-17:55: Interactive Panel Discussion: The “Next Generation” of Climate Services

Moderator: Justin Sharp

17:55-18:00: Closing remarks and adjourn

Speakers: Jake Badger, James Fallon, and Justin Sharp