We are currently building a searchable and filterable repository of educational resources, aimed towards schools and students of all age groups across multiple subjects and syllabuses.

If you have a wonderfully engaging and effective resource focusing on any aspect of meteorology (especially climate), energy or a combination of the two then we’d love to add it to our repository with full credit to you. Get in contact!

Educational Resources

ECEM Demonstrator Concept & Examples of Activities for TeachersFull Resource, Teaching Pack, Interactive, GISWORK IN PROGRESS - The ECEM Demonstrator is a very powerful tool for visualising a selection of climate and energy data for Europe. While it’s target audience is not schools and educators, it can be used in a variety of ways to teach a range of skills and topics, utilising teaching strategies that teachers see fit. This pack explores how the ECEM Demonstrator works and gives examples of activities that make use of it.climate change, energy, GIS, statistics, ICT, graphical skills, questioning skillsKit Rackley (WEMC)
"How to Make a Graph the Talk of the Town"Blog, Full ResourceA United States NGSS workshop by one of the talented Exploratorium Teacher Institute staff (San Francisco, USA) demonstrates a range of strategies that makes CO2 graphical data a lively conversation piece. A very useful set of resources for teaching climate change.climate change, graphical skills, questioning skills, critical thinking, statisticsBlog: Kit Rackley (WEMC), Resource: Lori Lambertson (Exploratorium)
Mapped: How every part of the world has warmed – and could continue to warmOnline, Interactive, GISA stunning interactive map grid overlay displaying observed temperature changes with future climate model projections to show how the climate has changed up to present day, but also how it might change in the future for every different part of the world. climate change, GIS, graphical skillsRosamund Pearce & Zeke Hausfather (Carbon Brief)
Charging Up: Lifecycle of a BatteryEsri Story Map, Blog, InteractiveTracing the global supply and production chains of the lithium-ion batteries that power our electronic devices through a series of commentary, maps and visual sourcesenergy, development, resources, environmental destruction, miningEsri Story Maps Team