Did you ever dream about assessing climate change like a scientist? With the Teal tool, now you can.

Climate change is not only a political or academic matter anymore. The number of global citizens concerned about the threat of climate change is increasing. Barriers still exist to free, accessible, easy to understand, reliable historical climate and energy data to inform and educate.

Our leading team of climate and energy data specialists at the World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC) led by Professor Alberto Troccoli, are proud to introduce Teal: a free easy to use tool with no complex technical expertise required.

Teal enables exploration of worldwide climate change like a scientist with free attractive ‘ready to go’ global climate and CO2 emissions data that tracks the past 40 years, from 1980 to near real time. Teal is the first free, accessible climate tool of its kind.

The look and feel of Teal is distinctive and modern with vibrant colours and simple lines. The brand name is inspired by the teal colour background of the world globe and the logo by the geometric rectangular shape of the graphs, the gateway to exploring trends and comparing data.

When developing the new tool the team made the user journey easy.  In a few clicks with Teal, online visitors can visualise and download data, as well as graphs, that can be used to inform decisions with the added bonus of no sign-up!


Energy producers can use Teal to inform their investment decisions based on data from the past decades.

Environmental journalists or podcasters have free access with Teal to reliable historical climate data within minutes to inform their articles or blogs.

Students studying data assimilation can easily explore global historical data from the last decade for essays on climate change using Teal.

The younger generation is not locked out of information about climate change or overwhelmed by technical jargon using Teal.

Visit tealtool.earth to explore the story of climate change in your country like a scientist.

Teal achieves the long-term vision of WEMC Founding and Managing Director, Professor Alberto Troccoli to launch a scientifically robust, intuitive and attractive tool to convey global data about climate, and energy, to a large audience. Launching amid the European Green Deal, the accessibility of climate data using the Teal tool supports the key message that ‘no-one is left behind’ in the race to achieve a climate neutral economy by 2050.

Teal was built on previous C3S demo tools: the European Climatic Energy Mixes (ECEM, 2015-2018) demo http://ecem.wemcouncil.org and the C3S Climate & Energy Educational Demo (2019-2020): https://c3s-edu.wemcouncil.org The carbon emission data comes from the Global Carbon Project (GCP, https://www.globalcarbonproject.org).

New features are already in the pipeline for Teal and a series of tech blogs on its development as well as promotion to a wide audience, outside of just the science community, because climate change is not just a political or academic matter anymore. The introduction of Teal enables citizens of the world to access free, easy to understand, reliable historical climate and energy data to inform and educate. Who doesn’t dream of being a climate scientist for just a moment or two and understand better the story of their changing world? Teal makes it possible.

Visit tealtool.earth

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