Countries data extended to 1950 on Teal tool

Here at WEMC we are excited to announce that historical data at country level in Teal, has been extended back to 1950 (an additional 29 years across all climate variables!).

Why is historical data important? 

Historical data gives the user contextual understanding of a changing climate. An extended dataset increases the scope for understanding and visualizing the data across time. 

It also helps industry and stakeholders inform future decisions, where climate is a factor to consider in the decision-making process. 

Why 1950?

This is due to new V5 updates to ERA5, making available historical data back to 1950 at the ECMWF climate data store (CDS). Previously this was only available back to 1979.

Currently, we are using the maximum historical range of data available from the CDS and will continue to update the tool to keep inline with ERA5 releases.

We are working on the next the update which will include sub-countries data back to 1950.  In the mean time, try Teal and in a few clicks, you can visualise and download data and graphs for free. 

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