Teal Tool Announcement

WEMC is excited to announce that Teal tool now has its very own Instagram account! 

Teal is a climate data visualisation tool where users can explore climate variables and carbon emissions from the past 70+ years, and projections up to 2100.   

With Teal, you don’t need to work in the scientific field to understand and access historical climate data, projection and observation data. In a few clicks, online visitors can easily visualise, interpret and download data, as well as graphs, that can be used to inform decisions and support research like never before.  

Here at WEMC, we are confident that the Teal tool can help to raise more awareness and understanding of climate change throughout businesses, schools and more generally amongst the public. This is the reasoning behind the new Teal tool Instagram account! WEMC will be using this platform to reach out to these groups, to highlight and disseminate the uses and applications of Teal. We want to see Teal being used by teachers to educate the next generation… We want Teal to be used by environmentally-conscious individuals/groups so they can effectively use climate data to act and make changes.  


Follow the Teal tool Instagram account here to keep updated and learn how the tool can benefit your understanding and awareness of climate change.  

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