Slides will be available for the majority of ICEM 2018 oral presentations. To access these presentations please follow the download links provided below. More presentations will be added as we receive them.

Day 1: Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Xueting ZhangA preliminary report on the influence of wind farms on climate in mountainous areas in Central China: A case study of Dawu in Hubei Provincedownload
Jing Yi WangMethods to improve the estimations of daily energy generations of PV plants for performance asessmentdownload
Rong ZhuThe relationship between wind power development and air pollution in Beijing-Tiajin-Hebei region of Chinadownload
Yang CuiResearch on Ultra-short term forecasting method for photovoltaic power generation with consideration to the atmosphere transparency correctiondownload
Camilla ThomsonThe impacts of solar resource variability on regional aggregate photovoltiac power time seriesdownload


Day 2: Wednesday 23rd May 2018

James WilczakResults from the second wind forecast improvement project (WFIP2): Analysis of ramp events and large forecast error eventsdownload
Sven-Erik GryningOff-shore tall wind profiles in the North Sea investigated by numerical modelling and wind lidar measurementsdownload
Gregory LandwehrQuantifying the system value of variable renewable energy forecasting for a range of penetration levels and weather systems in South Africadownload
Laurent DubusGenerating a set of temperature time series representative of recent past and near future climate for the energy sectordownload
Bin LiuMultiscale time series modelling of wind resource powered: validation and assessment for challenging sitesdownload
Sankar ArumugamClimate-Water-Energy-Nexus: uncertainty reduction in climate forecasts using multimodel combination and their relevance to water and energy managementdownload
Rui ChangComparative analysis on the applicability of different typical year generating methods in solar energy resource assessmentdownload
David BrayshawLinking meteorological conditions to extreme power system impactsdownload
Gerald Van Der GrijnRegional fault forecasting for distribution network operatorsdownload
Arona DiedhiouInfluence of weather sensitivity on electricity consumption in Abidjan, Cotonou and Lomé, three coastal cities in Western Africadownload
Danial DrewIdentifying, characterising and forecasting large ramps in offshore wind farm power outputdownload
Dong HanAssessment of extreme turbulence conditions for specific site and effect on the load of wind turbinesdownload
Ping WangGlobal monthly mean surface irradiance product derived from SCIAMACHY and OMI satellite measurementsdownload
Juha PaldaniusAtmospheric Icing Condition Measurement for Wind Farmsdownload


Day 3: Thursday 24th May 2018

Christian KurzFrom nowcasting to day ahead forecasting application of combinational PV ower forecastsdownload
Sylvain CrosOptimising the fuel consumption of a simulated hybrid photovoltaic-Diesel generator using solar irradiance forecast from a thermal infrared sky cameradownload
Sylvain CrosSolar irradiance and variability forecasting using Himawari-8 satellite imagesdownload
Juha A. KarhuThe effect of reflection from snow on the output of solar panels based on seven years of observationsdownload
Naseema ShyjuModeling of dust deposition flux for PV soiling loss estimationdownload
Arttu TuomirantaRelating vertical dust deposition flux to soiling-induced loss in photovoltaic power generationdownload
Eric TromeurWind resource assessment over complex indian site using nested mesoscale large-eddy-simulations with WRF for wind energy applicationdownload
Ting-ting JiangAn annual energy production estimation method in micro-siting using the rotor equivalent wind speeddownload
Jonas von SchumannOur new look through clouds: optimised COSMO-DE ensemble forecasts for renewable energiesdownload
Yinghai WangObjective energy efficiency evaluation and profit analysis of wind turbine selection based on wind resource datadownload
Joana MendesImproving surface short-wave radiation forecasts with a Kalman filterdownload
Yuqing YangAn analysis on battery sizing to compensate forecasting errors in hybrid PV and wind power plantdownload
Gang HuangA large eddy simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flow over complex terraindownload
Dr Sue Ellen HauptPlenarydownload
Prof Adamou RabaniPlenarydownload