Hydropower Generation Modelling for Climate Services

Duration and target start date:
About 6 months starting as soon as possible


The World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC) is seeking an intern to improve and further develop statistical hydropower modelling simulations at the European level.

You will be responsible for integrating the climate data (from reanalyses and other sources) and energy data (from the Transparency Platform of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, ENTSO-E, and other sources) to produce EU hydropower generation datasets at country and sub-country level. This work is intended to improving a public version of the Climate and Energy demonstrator developed by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) European Climatic Energy Mixes (ECEM, http://ecem.climate.copernicus.eu/, with demo at: http://ecem.wemcouncil.org).



  • Quality control and analyse energy data from ENTSO-E
  • Adapt and upgrade existing statistical models used to predict hydro power generation, by identifying the best predictors
  • Analyse the results, assess the overall quality of the approach, and identify gaps to further improve the models
  • [Optional] Gather hydro power data from one/a few other areas, outside Europe and test the same approach (the target area could be South America or Africa)

The work also includes the contribution to a comprehensive report of the study.



  • Proficiency in R and/or Python programming language(s)
  • Experience with statistical modelling (e.g. Random Forest model)
  • Experience handling large data files (both amount and size)
  • Familiarity with meteorology/climatology and/or hydrology terminology
  • Very good level of English (oral and written)
  • [Desirable] Fluency in code versioning tools, such as Git


The position is offered as full-time. The starting date is negotiable. Duration should be 6 months, but shorter or longer periods can also be considered. The successful applicant will work either at WEMC’s Headquarters, in Norwich (UK), or EDF R&D Saclay (France) and will be supervised by Dr Alberto Troccoli (WEMC Managing Director) and Dr Laurent Dubus (EDF, France, Expert Researcher). A work permit to work in the UK and/or France is required.

The WEMC is a non-profit organisation devoted to promoting and enhancing the interaction between the energy industry and the weather, climate and broader environmental sciences community. WEMC is a young and dynamic organisation which was established in 2015. It builds on the growing body of knowledge and experience in weather and climate risk management in the energy industry. Its primary goal is to enable improved sustainability, resilience and efficiency of energy systems under ever changing weather and climate. With this internship, you’ll be interacting with a variety of highly skilled professionals (researchers, energy specialists, commercial service providers, etc.). Additional information about WEMC is available at: http://www.wemcouncil.org


For further information, or if this position sounds like you, please submit your application, forwarding your CV with a cover letter to alberto.troccoli@wemcouncil.org and laurent.dubus@edf.fr

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