6th International Conference

Energy & Meteorology

24-27 June



Registrations are open for the 6th International Conference Energy & Meteorology in Copenhagen. The core theme of this year’s conference is ‘Exploiting the latest weather and climate technology to tackle the energy transition’. The conference will take place Monday 24th to Thursday 27th June 2019.

Hosted by the World Energy & Meteorology Council, in partnership with the Technical University of Denmark, ICEM 2019 brings together a strong base of academic and industrial participants from the global energy and meteorology sectors.

This unique platform offers you the opportunity to learn how meteorological and climate information can help the energy industry develop more resilient and cleaner energy systems, that will help to mitigate the effects of climate change and global warming.

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Pre-conference – Mon 24th

Day 1  – Tues 25th

  • Opening speech: Anders O. Bjarklev (DTU President)
  • Plenary talks: Chad Frischmann, Henrik Stiesdal & Gary Geernaert
  • Parallel talk & poster presentation sessions
  • Workshops: Climate risk for electric utilities; Education; IEA PVPS Task 16 & Wind Roadmap
  • Social event: Copenhagen City Hall reception

WattMeet – Mon 24th 18:30

An exciting new addition to the ICEM format for delegates to network and be inspired. Click here for more info.

Day 2 – Weds 26th

  • Plenary talks: Line Storelvmo-Holmberg & Alban Joyeau
  • Workshop: C3S energy; Data; Business Setup; IEA Task 36 & Presentation Skills
  • Parallel talk & poster presentation sessions
  • Social event: Conference dinner

Day 3 – Thurs 27th

  • Plenary talks: Henrik Madsen & Yana Popkostova
  • Parallel talk sessions
  • Closing ceremony & awards

Conference Pathways 🌍🌡💡

Our ICEM ‘pathways’ are new for 2019 and help guide delegates with a specific interest or focus to navigate the programme. Click here for more info.


  • Anders O. Bjarklev
    Anders O. Bjarklev President, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  • Yana Popkostova Founding director of the European Centre for Energy & Geopolitical Analysis
  • Alban Joyeau Adequacy Manager at ENTSO-E
  • Henrik Madsen Section Head and Professor in Stochastic Dynamical Systems at DTU


Why attend ICEM 2019?

The 6th International Conference Energy & Meteorology offers you a unique opportunity to join world-leading research organisations, meteorological service providers, energy companies and energy policy experts to share valuable insight, knowledge and expertise.

  • Connect with experts in the energy, weather, climate and water sectors.
  • Participate in interactive sessions, collaborative workshops, networking and business opportunities.
  • Be inspired by panel discussions and informative presentations from international experts in the energy and meteorology fields.
  • Find out about the many opportunities that the nexus between energy and weather and climate can provide.
  • Be a part of exciting new ideas and ways to collaborate, such as the new ‘WattMeet’ event

Who’s coming?

  • Directors
  • Chief Executives
  • Managers
  • Energy regulators
  • Economists
  • Planning officers
  • Water experts
  • Financial and insurance brokers
  • Utility engineers
  • Transmission and distribution operators
  • Meteorologists
  • Climatologists
  • Service providers
  • Policy makers
  • Researchers and academics

Key outcomes

  • Optimising the exchange of information between the energy and the weather & climate sectors.
  • Learning about the latest and detailed updates in the science, policy, planning and operations in the fields of energy and meteorology.
  • Finding solutions for common issues encountered by utilities experts, weather specialists and climate scientists by working together.
  • Enhancing collaboration opportunities between energy and meteorology experts/organisations, including attracting wider contributions to WEMC to broaden its base.




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