24-27 JUNE, 2019


Weather and climate information is increasingly vital to the future success of energy provision and sustainability, globally. The ICEM meetings bring together top-level businesses and experts in energy, weather and climate systems from around the world to discuss and share their experiences and research. Conference workshops provide a platform for knowledge sharing and broader learning between the energy sector and climate and weather organisations. It is known that the application of climate and weather information presents an opportunity to improve planning, operations and profitability for the energy sector. Building relationships and opening-up discussions on the topic of energy, climate and weather allows knowledge gaps, information and resource needs to be recognised and better understood; fostering and supporting the development of environmental services designed specifically for the energy sector.

More info to follow. In the meantime, please see resources and pictures from previous ICEMs here.

What They Say About Us

Dr Maxx Dilley (Director, Climate Prediction and Adaptation, World Meteorological Organization, Switzerland):   “The way ICEM 2015 facilitated the special panel sessions has been exemplary and conducive to important follow up actions. Overall, I particularly enjoyed my interaction with a highly skilled and motivated interdisciplinary community and the warm environment.”
Prof. John Dutton (CEO, the World Climate Service):   “As a climate service provider, I treasure the new contacts and concepts I find the ICEMs.  We have secured a contract and an association with a key international energy company that is very valuable to us.  And we have been able to use ideas from ICEM in our products and sponsored research.”
Ms Claude Nahon (Senior VP for Sustainable Development, EDF Group, France):   “It is a great pleasure to see that we have the third ICEM. That means it is something which is now in the landscape as something people feel is important to have this sort of dialogue and to have a huge discussion on these topics.”
Mr John Zillman (former president World Meteorological Organisation, Australia):   “I thought ICEM 2011 went extremely well and you should be very pleased with it all. It reinforced for me the enormous interdependencies of energy and meteorology.”

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