ECEM Webinars

ECEM has a programme of webinars showcasing results

Discover how science is being applied to the energy sector through high-resolution modelling and by providing climate information for renewables

Explore how climate may affect future European energy demand and supply with the updated C3S ECEM Demonstrator


Discover the C3S ECEM energy data for the European energy sector

20 November 2017 14.00 to 15.15 UTC (15.00 to 16.15 CET)  


Discover the C3S ECEM climate data for the European energy sector

18 October 2017 09.00 UTC (10.00 UK BST)  

This webinar addresses the subjects of climate variables, seasonal forecasting and the C3S ECEM Demonstrator in relation to the European energy sector


Explore how climate affects European energy demand and supply with the new C3S ECEM Demonstrator 

22 September 2017 10.00 UTC (11.00 UK BST) 

This webinar introduces the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) European Climatic Energy Mixes (ECEM) Demonstrator designed to assess how well different energy supply mixes in Europe will meet demand over different time horizons focusing on the role of climate.


Climate variables today and tomorrow – using climate to better operate and plan future energy systems

14 December 2016

Organised by the C3S ECEM, this webinar was divided into two presentations of 20 minutes each, the first addressing the adjustment of historical climate data for energy and the second showing how to use historical records to adjust climate projections for energy.

  1. ERA-Interim biases and how ERA-Interim can be bias adjusted using a distributional-based scaling procedure – Prof. Phil Jones (University of East Anglia, UEA, UK)
  2. Calibrated climate projections for energy – Dr Robert Vautard (LSCE, France)

The two presentations were followed by a 20-minute Q&A session

Morning broadcast chaired by Dr Laurent Dubus (Electricité de France, EDF, France) webinar video


Afternoon broadcast chaired by Prof. Alberto Troccoli (UEA & World Energy & Meteorology Council, WEMC, UK)



Making the most of ERA-Interim Reanalysis for Wind and Solar Power

22 September 2016

Reanalyses, reconstructions of the past climate using a blending of observations with a physical model, are very useful tools for filling gaps where there is sparsity of observations. This is particularly true for wind and solar observations, the essential ingredients for the computation of wind and solar resource assessment, respectively. With this webinar first an overview of a very popular reanalysis, ERA-Interim, is provided. This will be followed by assessments of the quality of ERA-Interim when used as surrogate for wind and solar observations.

Sessions chaired by Laurent Dubus (EDF) and Alberto Troccoli (UEA & WEMC)

  1. Hans Hersbach (ECMWF) – Overview of ERA-Interim
  2. Gil Lizcano (Vortex) – Assessment of ERA-Interim winds
  3. Lucien Wald (Mines-Paris Tech/ARMINES) – Assessment of ERA-Interim solar radiation


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