Working together with a large number of stakeholders, WEMC organizes and implements recommendations from the International Conferences Energy & Meteorology (ICEMs). We aim to bring together top-level businesses and experts in energy, weather and climate systems from around the world to discuss and share their experiences and research. We have established the WEMC’s Membership with the aim to increase collaboration and information sharing between these vital sectors.

Our members understand the value of collaboration between multiple stakeholders to achieve greater success and improved sectoral risk management.

Benefits of WEMC Membership include:

  • Access to a community of leading science and industry experts in Energy & Meteorology and ability to influence community standards and good practices
  • Greater exposure of member projects, to a large pool of knowledge, best practice, guidelines and other resources
  • Opportunities for influencing and contributing to future WEMC projects, advancing initiatives and launching new programmes
  • Opportunities to contribute to:
    • o Reports, analyses, and syntheses, and dissemination of information on products, practices, and experiences in Energy & Meteorology
    • o The organisation of events such as ICEM and the development and delivery of workshops, seminars and webinars
    • o The development of our (initial) set of Special Interest Groups (SIGs):
      • Weather & Climate Forecast and Projections for Energy Operation and Planning
      • Grid Integration
      • Data Exchange, Access and Standards
      • Energy & Meteorology Education
    • Discounts to attend events organised by WEMC

Please view our Membership leaflet for further information about our Membership aims, goals and benefits.

If you would like to join as a Member please download and complete the Membership Form for either Organisations or Individuals.

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