The World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC) is a non-profit organisation devoted to promoting and enhancing the interaction between the energy industry and the weather, climate and broader environmental sciences community. Working together with a large number of stakeholders, WEMC organises and implements recommendations from the International Conferences Energy & Meteorology (ICEMs).

WEMC was established in 2015 and builds on the growing body of knowledge and experience in weather and climate risk management in the energy industry. This knowledge has spurred a rapidly growing research interest and industry applications at the nexus between weather, climate and energy.

WEMC aims to:


productivity and policy formulation for the energy industry through a close collaboration between the energy sector and the weather and climate community


improved adoption of weather, climate and other environmental information by the energy industry towards more efficient and sustainable risk management practices


the exchange of weather, climate and other environmental information for the energy industry between developed and developing countries



We strongly believe we can substantially increase the resilience and efficiency of energy systems under the influence of ever changing weather and climate to achieve more affordable and available energy, and thereby, foster sustainable and resilient energy systems.


We identify top-class expertise in energy and meteorological sciences, mobilise resources, with fund raising and facilitation of focussed programmes executed by an appropriate mix of energy industry, private service providers, government and international institutions and scientific organisations, in collaboration with, and in support to, existing relevant national and international efforts.


We create knowledge, critical thinking, experimental tools and funding platforms for a highly effective use of meteorological information for the energy sector, particularly through creative public-private partnerships.

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