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Sustainable energy

We assist the energy industry in meeting the demand for energy while reducing harmful impacts on the natural environment, in line with international protocols, and we aim to enhance productivity and policy formulation for the energy industry through a close collaboration between the energy sector and the weather and climate community.


We support the energy industry in dealing with meteorological variables. To do this, we supply and exchange improved adoption of weather, climate, and other environmental information towards more resilient, efficient and sustainable risk management practices.


Scientists and Industry Experts join forces to improve use of seasonal climate forecasts in nine energy and water cases

Organisations from across Europe are analysing nine case studies to demonstrate if seasonal climate forecasts can help the energy and water sectors make more accurate practical decisions and contribute to cleaner and more cost-effective energy systems.


Prof. Alberto Troccoli gives talk to Teenagers at Bright Green Future about Climate and Renewable Energy

Teenagers on the Bright Green Future Environmental Leadership programme received a talk about Climate and Renewable Energy from the World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC) Managing Director this week. 


Free Book Offers Insignt Into the Latest Meteorology Advances and their Application to the Energy Sector

‘Weather and Climate Services for the Energy Industry’ showcases the burgeoning area of applied research at the intersection between weather and climate science and the energy industry.



SECLI-FIRM Collaboration Forum – Brussels, Belgium
June 7

SECLI-FIRM invites you to be a part of a free collaboration forum.

WMO-WEMC-GFCS-BCC Training Course on Climate and Energy – Shanghai, China
May 18 - May 20

Join  us for this training course to discuss applications of weather & climate information for the energy sector as a part of the Pre-ICEM Conference.

5th International Conference Energy & Meteorology (ICEM) - Shanghai, China, May 22 - May 24

Mark your calendars for the 5th International Conference Energy & Meteorology (ICEM). Conference theme: Renewable Energy and the Environment”. The ICEM will focus on creating effective approaches for improved weather, climate and water services for energy. An exciting line-up of Chinese and International industry speakers will lead the conference’s keynote presentations, complemented by an exceptional program of parallel sessions and poster presentations!


We bring meteorological knowledge and innovation

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